Gastronomy in Alicante

“If I were to do a cultural project on gastronomy I would do it in Alicante”.

Ferran Adrià (chef and co-owner of El Bullí) from the Información Newspaper 18-10-2019

Alicante is a place where, as soon as you get to know it, you would stay and live without thinking about it twice, for its 320 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature between 18o and 20o and for its landscapes, endless beaches and extraordinary gastronomic flavours.

Although it is considered the city of rice, the pillars of Alicante’s gastronomy are its lands and the sea and which offer a wide variety of products. Dishes are still prepared in the traditional way, such as, pericana, salted fish, pickles, ´spoon´ dishes, cocas and a long etcetera, not forgetting its turrón and PDO wines.

As gastronomic professionals we would encourage you to visit the following venues, amongst many others, where our collaborators will treat you “like royalty”:


  • Hestia Lucentum – Alicante
  • Baeza y Rufete – Alicante
  • La Cucaracha – Alicante
  • All i Oli – Alicante
  • Tabula Rasa – Alicante
  • Pintxo Kalea – Alicante
  • Dos Hermanos – Alicante
  • El Pecao – San Juan pueblo
  • El Capricho de Raquel – Urbanova (Aicante)


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